Lawyers Planet | Sacramento Videos Raise More Questions About Clark Case
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Sacramento Videos Raise More Questions About Clark Case

Sacramento Videos Raise More Questions About Clark Case

Sacramento cops launched 52 videos and one audio file of the Stephon Clark shooting, revealing a number of circumstances of officers silencing their body-worn microphones and raising concerns about the length of time it took police to render medical help, the Sacramento Bee reports. Clark, 22, was shot by 2 Sacramento law enforcement officer on March 18 in the yard of his grandparents’ home. He was unarmed and holding a mobile phone, which officers obviously misinterpreted for a weapon. The shooting triggered weeks of demonstrations and requires cops reforms in Sacramento to resolve exactly what lots of view as predisposition in the policing of African-American and ethnic neighborhoods.

Video launched Monday verifies officers waited about 5 minutes from the time Clark was shot prior to they approached his body. They then invested about one minute handcuffing and browsing him prior to starting to administer CPR. By the time fire department rescue employees were cleared by cops to go into the scene, it appears that Clark currently was dead. A fire department medic can be heard in another video of the very same timespan stating, “We’re repaired and dilated here,” an obvious referral to Clark being nonresponsive. Bennet Omalu, a forensic pathologist worked with by the household to do an independent autopsy, approximated Clark most likely endured in between 3 and 10 minutes after being shot 8 times by officers in the neck, upper body and leg. “The 5 minutes’ lapse in time, I’m not exactly sure if it would have conserved the life of Stephon Clark, however it would have increased the possibilities,” stated Rashid Sidqe, a cops reform activist. “We are trying to find an action from the chief whether (officers) followed correct procedure, and if they did, how can we make the required modifications so this does not take place to another member of our neighborhood.”

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