Lawyers Planet | Another Big Cruise Liner Drug Bust in Australia
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Another Big Cruise Liner Drug Bust in Australia

Another Big Cruise Liner Drug Bust in Australia

The federal authorities in Australia report that its police officers and the Australia border defense company took thirty (30) kilos of drug stowed away aboard an unknown cruise liner which docked in Sydney on November 20,2017 4 guests were detained on the ship and accompanied from the cruise liner – a 41- year-old Belgian female and 3 French nationals, consisting of a 61- year-old male, a 54- year-old male and a 32- year-old female.

The Australian Federal Authorities and Australian Border Force launched a multimedia press release entitled No Sooth Sailing for International Cocaine Syndicate, with pictures of the drugs and the suspects. The release did not recognize the name of the cruise line or cruise liner.

The cruise liner came from the UK. The arrests happened after a joint operation in between the Australian Border Force and their equivalents in UK.

The Australian authorities have actually achieved success making drug busts on cruise liner going into the ports in Sydney. In 2015, authorities took 95 kilos of cocaine that 3 guests smuggled on a Princess cruise liner (the Sea Princess). The concern emerges whether smuggling anywhere from 30 to 100 kilos of drugs aboard a cruise liner need to include aid from team members. Offered using screening devices on cruise liner, some individuals question whether the drugs were filled onto the ship together with food and arrangements then moved to the guests to be smuggled off the ship in their baggage.

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Hat pointer to Crew Center where I initially discovered of the drug bust.

Picture credit: Australian Federal government

Cruise Ship Drug Bust - Sydney

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